Sunday, May 1, 2011

the End of Spring Football and Youth day

What an exciting time for our football program. We just hosted our 4th annual Youth Day Clinic at Drake Stadium. Cam Goode and Anthony Ginaris talked to schools all over the Des Moines about the clinic that the bulldogs were putting on. It was a completely free event, and the players were ecstatic for the day's events. Unfortunately the weather did not corporate with us, but that didn't stop us and the kids from having an absolute blast. Players were so excited about the outcome, and really were enthusiastic about playing with the kids. It was quite an opportunity for the players to teach kids techniques, and more importantly end zone dances. Youth day is a way to get Des Moines interested in the Drake community, but also to consider football the sport that they want to play. All it takes is one camp/player to influence a child's decision.

Saturday's spring game was a hard fought battle, but both teams knew that they needed to do their respected assignments. We met up at the bulldog at 11:15 where we were accompanied by friends, parents,incoming recruits, and future potential recruits. This is the most packed I had seen the Bulldog in my time at Drake. There had to be close to 300 people there. The energy was there, and it was the players job to mentally prepare. I like that we include friends and family in the team walk because it provides them some insight into what players are feeling before game, and what we do to prepare. As we walk down the tunnel onto the field, each player quiets down and listens to his own thoughts, or his iPod. After a quick pep talk, we went into the locker room to get ready for the game.

I felt that the offense had a lot to prove this off-season. The defense has ultimately carried this football team for the time I have been here, and as a unit, we want to prove that we are just as good as them. It helps that there is so much continuity on our offense with only losing one senior. Mike Piatowski understand the offense, and has stepped more into a role of a leader on the field. The offense ended up winning the game, but has much to improve. The defense looks impressive for having its third defensive coordinator in the last three years. The defense did well learning their rules, and I expect they make big leaps in the summer.

Africa is quickly approaching us, and everyone is EXCITED!

Until next time,

Pat Cashmore #30


  1. hey! i'm a current peace corps volunteer here in tanzania and just heard about this kili bowl happening in a few weeks. my grandpa is a retired professor from drake and my dad went to drake for college so i'm going to see if i can get some people together to come support you guys! how do tickets work?

    Here is the Drake University Athletic Department website, here you can read about donations and tickets/travel packages that will allow you better access to the team. Thank you for your support.

    here is the travel agent site specifically.