Friday, May 6, 2011

A Thank you and Looking Past the Peak.

First, I need to thank you to those that have made this trip possible. Our Drake community’s support has been building as we make our final push toward Africa. I have to thank those people from my mother’s work who gave donations for my trip and my mom for covering the expenses of what money we couldn’t raise for me to go on the trip. I need to send thanks to my grandparents and my aunts and uncles for their support, both financial and otherwise.

Coach Creighton has made this trip possible, with the help of Sandy Hatfield Clubb our Athletic director; his vision and her support along with Global Football and ISIS are putting an amazing trip together. I also want to thank you, our blog readers, for being a part of the trip and allowing us to share our experience with you.

Thank you for reading

Eugene “EJ” Walter 97

Raising money for the trip was by far going to be the hardest part of the Africa trip. Four thousand dollars is a ton of money that no college kid has had in his bank account at any time. I'm so blessed to have had some money in my account, and to have my parents giving me money as well. My parents aren't the only ones I can thank. I rallied the troops in my family, and asked for donations for my trip. God has been good to my family, and many people have made generous donations for my cause. Specials thanks to: ISK Industries(Jim and Don Cashmore-UNCLES), Cathy Hemberger(Grandmother), Kim Cashmore(Aunt). I hope I didn't forget anyone!! I'd like to also give all the guys a shout out who didn't have the family support I did. Paddy O'Connell is just one of the many examples who raised more money to help teammates go to Africa. We had so many guys going to churches, schools, neighbors, business, any type of resource we could use. I know put their time and effort to have this time of their life. I'm just so impressed by the effort our team put in for the lift-a-thon and fundraising. Truly awesome! 

I'm a marketing and management major, and have a 3.14 accumulative GPA. Senior year has provided the most projects and papers I have had in my entire college career.

This is the first year that I don't have any tests for my finals week. I have had the busiest week this first week in May though. I had about 11 pages of writing due in poetry, a project in a management class, a paper in another management class, and another paper due in accounting. Now I can finally take a big breath because I'm done with 90% of my classes. I have two papers left in two different classes, and than done for the semester. Finals is such a hectic week, and I can only imagine the stress that is going on for the other guys on the team.

I plan on going into either college football coaching or working with non profit organizations. Things will work their ways out.

Thanks for reading,

Pat Cashmore #30...12 DAYS!!!!

Hello bloggers, Thanks for checking in again! This week I want to talk a little about school and what my plans are for the future. I am currently a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management. I am almost done so next semester, I only need to take two classes to finish both of my majors. Drake has helped me in so many ways. I think that the majors I have chosen have very concentrated courses but the teachers do an excellent job of helping us be well rounded people. They have taught us to know about all aspects of business instead of just marketing student. Also, what I find unique about Drake is the fact that my teachers know who I am and I can go talk to them personally if I have any questions. I have used them to my advantage quite a few times. I am from the suburbs of Chicago and I plan to move back into the city when I graduate next fall. I have had quite a change of heart and plan on going to graduate school in the city for high school counseling. I have a lot of connections back there and I feel that, like I said earlier, Drake has made me a very well rounded person and prepared me for life after graduation no matter what I do. So that is something that is far in the future but also something that I am very excited about. Anyways, we depart for Africa in 14 days and I could not be more excited. Our team made some huge strides over spring ball and I am looking forward to putting it all together for our game during our trip! Thanks for checking in everyone and as always, GO BULLDOGS!

Jim Nelson, #13

Jim Nelson

Drake University

Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management

Drake Football

Pi Kappa Alpha

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